Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. Here I will be teaching you the very basics of makeup along with recommendations of products that have worked for me.In addition, I will be including links to looks I’ve done as well as links to YouTube videos that have really helped me grow as a makeup fanatic. As a disclaimer, I am not a makeup artist nor do I claim to have any prior education in this topic. I simply enjoy learning about makeup and want to share! Thanks for visiting my blog and come again!

A little about me, I am your average, regular Pre-Dental undergraduate student in sunny California, with a passion for makeup!

began doing makeup in the 7th grade when I got my first eyeliner (specifically, the $1 NYC eyeliner pencil in black, which at the time was the hottest item on the rack). From then on I began experimenting with various drug store products until I was sure I could invest in good makeup and actually make it look semi-normal. From then on, my makeup passion grew and now I absolutely cannot live without it! Besides makeup, I am also interested in knitting, crochet, hanging out with family, especially my oh so adorable nieces and nephews, and trying new healthy recipes. Currently, my main hobbies include trying to be healthy (which is much harder than I thought to maintain in college) and finding new recipes on Pinterest.

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